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The Cost Of Non-Compliance

Today, more than ever, companies are confronted with a broad array of electronic document issues, including data retention policies and e-discovery during litigation. Failing to comply with rules regarding such electronic data can cost millions of dollars. For instance, in United States Securities and Exchange Commission v. Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc., No. 06 0882 … Continue Reading

The Open Source Initiative: A 30-Second Primer

Open source software was once considered the utopian vision of utilitarian-minded software programmers. But with companies increasingly incorporating Linux® software into IT and business plans, open source has entered the collective corporate consciousness. However, many questions remain about open source and its place in the corporate model.… Continue Reading

I Can Copy, Right? Oh No, Copyright!

Thanks to Napster, iPods, DVD burners, and TiVo, stories infused with the law of copyright have peppered the news over the last five years. Necessarily overlooking many of the complexities and nuances of copyright law, this brief primer may help you better comprehend those articles in your morning newspaper. Click here to view PDF of … Continue Reading

Trade-Dressing Copyrights

In a battle between the producers of reality television shows “Wife Swap” and “Trading Spouses,” a California federal court held that trade dress cannot be invoked to provide perpetual protection for what are essentially copyright claims. As a result, the court dismissed plaintiff’s claim that defendants have imitated the “total image and appearance,” or trade … Continue Reading

Some Copyright History

Did you know that before 1891 the U.S. was a copyright piracy haven? Up until that time foreign trademark owners had no enforcement rights in the U.S. This left U.S. copiers free to duplicate and distribute such popular current works as Tolstoy, Dickens, and Hugo without repercussion. Eventually foreign pressure persuaded the U.S. to get … Continue Reading

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