Each week, Sheppard Mullin brings you News of Note in IP: The latest news in the IP-related fields of technology, privacy, fashion, advertising, music, and social media, curated by our IP team.  Here are some of the stories that we’ve been reading:

The Physics Behind Captain America’s Shield

Spider Man was wrong—that Stark-created shield may just obey the laws of physics.  Assuming vibranium allows perfectly elastic collisions with different surfaces, here’s the model.

Safety Interrupt: Google’s ‘Big Red Button’ that Can Be Used to Interrupt Artificial Intelligence that Fails to ‘Behave Optimally’

DeepMind, acquired by Google for a reported £400 million in 2014, teamed up with scientists at the University of Oxford to find a way to make sure AI agents don’t learn to prevent, or seek to prevent humans from taking control.  Gulp.

SpaceX Releases Rockets-Eye View of Yesterday’s Landing

Watch the third landing in a row for the commercial spaceflight company.  The rocket delivered its cargo to high orbit—so it’s coming down hot. Literally.

Volvo is Quietly Becoming a Tech Superpower

Volvo is joining Tesla and BMW as one of the industry’s most tech-centric automakers. Here’s a closer look at how Volvo is becoming one of the leading car companies in auto tech.