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Chante Westmoreland is an associate in the Intellectual Property Practice Group in the firm's Houston office.

Dearest Gentle Reader, it seems that the scandalous allure of counterfeit goods has infiltrated our esteemed society with alarming frequency. Behind the shimmering facade of the finest of marketplaces, whispers abound of false jewels, imitation gowns, and even counterfeit carriages parading as the genuine article. One cannot help but ponder the lengths some would go to deceive, tarnishing the honor of reputable brands and defrauding unsuspecting patrons who seek nothing more than authenticity in their purchases.Continue Reading What Lady Whistledown Can Teach Us About Anti-Counterfeiting

In its first opportunity to apply the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Jack Daniel’s Properties v. VIP Products LLC, which held that the First Amendment did not protect infringing works that “use [the complainant’s] mark [ ] as a mark,” the Second Circuit upheld an Eastern District of New York order enjoining art collective MSCHF from offering its “Wavy Baby” sneaker that likely infringed Vans’ marquee “Old Skool” sneaker. See Vans, Inc. v. MSCHF Prod. Studio, Inc., 602 F. Supp. 3d 358 (E.D.N.Y. 2022). The Vans case and appeal had both been stayed pending the outcome of Jack Daniel’s.Continue Reading Second Circuit Finds Art Collective Can’t Use First Amendment to Skate Out of Injunction